New Year, New Blog, New Zealand!

New Year: 2017!

For me, 2017 means working out my career – or at least my next step – having completed my Masters in December 2016*. However, first things first: travelling!

*My masters dissertation took me to the incredible country of Jordan, a trip which I am going to talk about a lot over the next few weeks, so definitely stay tuned. The below photo was taken at Jaresh, an ancient Roman city in the north of Jordan.


New Blog: Chris Sees World!

A cheesy name, but it’s been stuck in my head for almost a year so I’m rolling with it. Following degrees in English and Marketing, the common thread has always been a desire to write, so I’m using this blog as an opportunity to improve my writing while writing about something I love doing – travelling and exploring the world. From weekend trips around Scotland to European city breaks, and from mopeding around the Vietnamese highlands with my grandmother to paragliding over Rio de Janeiro, I have journals and scraps of paper brimming with random musings and observations that I’d love to share with you all.


New Zealand!

March 1st 2017 will see me heading off to New Zealand with nothing planned beyond flights, a working holiday visa and a week’s stay in a hostel in Auckland. I’m extremely excited and also remarkably chilled about my lack of plans, but I will definitely be keeping this blog updated with my experiences and travels around New Zealand, (hopefully) Australia and wherever else I end up this year. Any suggestions and tips, definitely let me know!


Until next time!


P.S. Check out my ‘About Me’ page!

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