Petra Part 3: The Money Shot

Onwards and upwards (and upwards and upwards) to the pilgrimage route! It’s now somewhere between 12.30 and 1pm, and we’ve been exploring Petra in the baking sun for almost 7 hours. But yes, there is more.

Petra Part 2: Myrrh and the Monastery

To recap: we’ve strolled through the Siq and gazed upon the Treasury at dawn. It’s roughly 7am and there’s just us, a small pack of squabbling stray dogs and the city of Petra ahead of us. In short, life could be worse. 

A Dash round Jerash

I had booked onto the ‘Highlights of Jordan’ small group tour by G Adventures – and while, yes, I probably could have done Jordan more cheaply by going it alone (in particular some of the meals), I have no regrets about the fact that all of my transport and most of my main costs were…